Naxos Town, Naxos Island

Cyclades, Greece

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Villages of Naxos

Filoti (20 km from Naxos Town)

The biggest village of Naxos with around 3.000 permanent people is settled well up on the flank of Zeus mountain. It has been built amphitheatrically and its natural beauty is unique. Do not loose the opportunity to walk around its traditional footpaths, there are many things to see and admire. Have some rest at the shade of the platan at the Old Square and have a glass of homemade raki with the locals; they are extremely friendly and hospitable.

Things to see: the Barotsi tower, the church of Panayia Filotitissa, the Himarros tower

Things to do: Just 500 meters outside of the village take the footpath for the mountain of Zeus, keep going and you will meet the Faucet of Ario, drink its water and keep moving. In just 300 meters you will be standing at the top of the mountain, the highest point in Cyclades and the view of the rest of the islands will be breathtaking.


Apeiranthos (28 km from Naxos Town)

A “must see” village just 8 km after Filoti.  Relatively big, made almost all by marble is going to fascinate you not only with its architecture but also with the magnificent views of the Venetian towers that dominate at its main street. Cars and scooters are not allowed at its center.

Things to see: the Archaeological museum, the Folk Art museum, the Geological museum, the museum of Natural History and the Visual Arts museum, the Zevgoli tower, the Theoskepasti church.

Things to do:  have lunch at “Lefteris” one of the well-known restaurants of the island with truly local meat, wine, vegetables. Also, visit the sandy beach of Moutsouna (11 km from Apeiranthos), you will not have another chance.


Halki (16 km from Naxos Town)

Situated in a fertile valley of olive oil trees this village has long history. The neo-classical mansions and the well-preserved Byzantine towers along with the Venetian villas prove the past wealth and economic prosperity of this village.

Things to see: the Barotzi – Gratsia tower , many post Byzantine churches.

Things to do: Definitely, pay a visit to the Valindra Kitron distillery and watch how this famous Naxian local liquer is made from citron leaves, at the end of the tour taste the sampling products, entrance is free.

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