Naxos Town, Naxos Island

Cyclades, Greece

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Saint George & South-West Part Beaches

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Saint George Beach

Town: Saint George (Agios Georgios), is the only beach in the town, has shallow waters and has been nominated by The Guardian as the best family beach in Europe. It has many restaurants and cafeterias and can be very busy during July and August. 

Agios Prokopios Beach

Organized, 6 km from Naxos town, 1500 meters long. We admit that this is one of our favorites for the refreshing, rejuvenating waters and the rich fat sand. Nice restaurants and beach bars, snorkeling possibilities on the northern end where the rocks are. In the middle of it expect to see nudists in the low season.

Agia Anna Beach

Semi-organized, 7 km from Naxos town, 1000 meters long.
Popular among young people for its beach bars. Clothing optional section on the right of Paradiso tavern.

Plaka Beach

Semi-organized, 8 km from Naxos town, 5000 meters long.
Endless soft sand, many taverns, clear waters and unofficial nudist section at the southern part.

Mikri Vigla Beach (kite surfers)

Unorganized, 11 km from Naxos town, 900 meters long.
It is actually a cape with 2 beaches, one for the kite surfers, both of these beaches belong also to our favorite spots for the summer, they are amazing!

Mikri Vigla (southern bay)

Unorganized, 12 km from Naxos town, 5000 meters long.
Very long beach with beautiful landscape, with rich fat golden sand, offers a fast suntan. Only one tavern here.

Kastraki Beach

Unorganized, 15 km from Naxos town, 5000 meters long
Secluded, white sand beach with lovely blue sea, great for swimming, an umbrella is necessary.

Pyrgaki Beach

Semi-organized, 18 km from Naxos town, 800 meters long.
Get away from the touristic part of the island and enjoy tranquility, in an absolute golden sand beach.

Alyko Beach

Semi-organized, 17 km from Naxos town, 300 meters long.
Situated around quite a large cedarwood park, surrounded by an abandoned hotel which is used for graffiti art exhibition. A must-visit beach.

Hawaii Beach

Unorganized, 17 km from Naxos town, 500 meters long.
A paradise beach that unfortunately very busy around July & August. The only beach on the list that is not children-friendly because of the cliff downhill.

Glyfada Beach

Unorganized, 15 km from Naxos town, 1000 meters long.
The perfect escape during high season, tricky to find it so just turn right at Hotel Irida. We personally visit this beach to avoid the crowds.

Agiassos Beach

Unorganized, 20 km from Naxos town, 500 meters long.
The farthest and loneliest of the south part beaches offer plenty of possibilities for exploring the surroundings.

West Part Beaches

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Moutsouna Beach

Unorganized, 38km from Naxos town, 200 meters long.
North-West, 12 km in a downhill road, after the village of Apiranthos with famous fish taverns.

Psili Ammos Beach

Unorganized, 46km from Naxos town, 500 meters long.
North-West, the farthest beach on the list, if you reach it then you have already seen a big part of the island.

Panormos Beach

Unorganized, 55km from Naxos town, 200 meters long.
The scenic secluded cove of Panormos lies south of Psili Ammos.

Kalados Beach

Unorganized, 42km from Naxos town, 400 meters long.
Sense of perfect isolation since this beach is quite far from everything.

North Part Beaches

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Amiti Bay

Unorganized, 8 km from Naxos town, 400 meters long.
North-east near to villages Galini and Eggares.

Abram Beach

Unorganized, 21 km from Naxos town, 400 meters long.
North-east between Amiti Bay and Apollonas village.

Lionas Beach

Unorganized, 35km from Naxos town, 300 meters long.
The only pebbly beach on the list, situated at the north-west of Naxos.

Apollonas Beach

Semi-organized, 37km from Naxos town, 200 meters long.
The northern beach of the island, located at the only seaside village of Naxos.


Naxos is a beach culture island and the best beaches are located in the southwest part of the island because they are protected from the north winds and the waters are always calm. Also, they are located close to the town and to reach these beaches the route is most of the time along the sea since one is next to the other.

Southeast and north part beaches are nice with crystal clear waters, the only disadvantage is that this part of the island is windier so these beaches are to be preferred only in the rare case when there are south winds in the island, only then, these waters are calm. They can be combined of course with the visit to the villages since most of the time you will need to pass through the inland to reach them.

On semi-organized beaches, there are areas with umbrellas or small taverns and there are areas without. On unorganized beaches, it is advised to have water and an umbrella with you. All of them provide snorkeling options in certain areas.

Most of the southwest part beaches are easily accessible by bus. The southeast and north part beaches require a vehicle. Click here for the bus schedule. All buses for all destinations start from the port.

We have revealed to you which beaches we prefer more from the list, however, our preference is only objective. Just keep in mind that the beaches of Naxos are not only sea and sand but many more that you will have to explore and eventually be inspired of!