Naxos Town, Naxos Island

Cyclades, Greece

+30 6944 919 617


Michael 22 Sept 2021 – 24 Sept 2021

Nikitas and Maria’s penthouse was absolutely amazing. It was nicely furnished, comfortable bed, beautiful bathroom, and the outdoor terrace was stunning with great views. They had provided us with a guide on what to do in Naxos so we didn’t have to waste time doing our research and everything recommended was perfect. The building is 5 minutes walk to St George’s beach or 5 minutes walk to the city centre/port. It was very close to everything you need in the city like restaurants,grocery stores, car rentals, and even health centre for covid testing. I would 100% rebook this unit if I were to return to Naxos and definitely would recommend it to friends or anyone planning a visit to Naxos.